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1) Lisa vs Leslie
2) Lisa vs Leslie
3) Teri vs Leslie
4) Teri vs Leslie

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Teri vs Leslie...Spanking...Boob Punishment
This sexy bikini match is full of action. Both girls are skilled in the art of pain, but tall tan Teri eventually takes over. Once she has rendered the sexy and busty Leslie helpless, she takes about 15 minutes to humilate her. It just goes on and on, on the butt, the breasts and the face. When enough is enough, it's not for Teri and she continues. Poor.poor Lesle. Check it out.Boob hit, hair pulling, tiny bikinis,hair mares, hammer locks and much more.Lots of boob grabbling.

SWT-SHR-5 - 1 (Teri vs Leslie)

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SWT-SHR-5 - 2 (Teri vs Leslie)

Free Download: 2-1 Teri vs Leslie

12,50€ VOD: 2. Teri vs Leslie

15:00 Min. - 116.93MB*

Busts and bikinis everywhere!!! Equqlly sized, the action never stops, body scissors, hair pulling and more hair pulling. Widgies, big boob smashes, knees to the stomach, crotch kicks, hammer locks, foot tickling, back drops, body slams, back breakers. This is an exciting one. Lots of slams and holds. Tiny bikinis, big busts.

SWT-SHR-5 - 3 (Lisa vs Leslie)

Free Download: 3-1 Lisa vs Leslie

12,50€ VOD: 3. Lisa vs Leslie

15:00 Min. - 117.01MB*

SWT-SHR-5 - 4 (Lisa vs Leslie)

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