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SV23 - Fighting Felines - 61:25 Min.

Fighting Felines
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Fighting Felines

1) Belinda vs Melissa
2) Pam vs Noel
3) Melissa vs Debbie
4) Belinda vs Kelly

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1. Belinda vs Melissa (17:24 mins)

Blonde Melissa is lounging in her red and white striped leotards when her roomate Belinda Bell appears in a striking white dress. Money is the root of all evil as it seems Belinda has gambled away all the rent money.

SV23 - 1 (Belinda vs Melissa)

Free Download: 1-1 Belinda vs Melissa

A violent bare-assed battle erupts as these two get adamant with each other. The poor loser is choked into submission and there is no doubt who is the better combatant.

SV23 - 1 (Belinda vs Melissa)

Free Download: 1-2 Belinda vs Melissa

16,00€ VOD: 1. Belinda vs Melissa

17:24 Min. - 130.43MB*

2. Pam vs Noel (12:37 mins)

The second catfight features the popular Pam and dark haired newcomer, Noel. Returning to their apartment after a night out on the town, they soon have a violent argument about each other's actions at the local disco. Promptly, each loses her white evening dress and soon just lovely limbs and bodies are entangled in a wild wrestling romp through the living room. Noel has a devastating body that Pam tries to destroy and Noel doesn't lack the desire to teach her roommate a thorough lesson.

SV23 - 2 (Pam vs Noel)

Free Download: 2-1 Pam vs Noel

11,00€ VOD: 2. Pam vs Noel

12:37 Min. - 94.63MB*

3. Melissa vs Debbie (15:51 mins)

Next, two pretty blondes lounge in their bedroom after a strenuous day on the tennis court. Melissa, in a pink robe, argues with white robed Debbie about their extra curricular activities with the tennis pro.

SV23 - 3 (Melissa vs Debbie)

Free Download: 3-1 Melissa vs Debbie

What results is a hair-pulling all out nude catfight on their bed in a real life match of superiority. These nude blondes are screaming throughout this violent fight.

SV23 - 3 (Melissa vs Debbie)

Free Download: 3-2 Melissa vs Debbie

14,00€ VOD: 3. Melissa vs Debbie

15:51 Min. - 118.85MB*

4. Belinda vs Kelly (15:32 mins)

Then, Belinda Bell arrives home in a flowered skirt and bikini top after having been turned down for the same movie part that Kelly is reading for.

SV23 - 4 (Belinda vs Kelly)

Free Download: 4-1 Belinda vs Kelly

All hell breaks loose and one girl prevails, ripping the script to shreds after soundly defeating the other. Again, this tape has magnificent color resolution and clarity of sound, and is a must for the collector.

SV23 - 4 (Belinda vs Kelly)

Free Download: 4-2 Belinda vs Kelly

14,00€ VOD: 4. Belinda vs Kelly

15:32 Min. - 116.49MB*

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