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1) Lauren Powers Part 2
2) Lauren Powers Part 1

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Welcome to the dark world of muscle domination wrestling where only the strong survive. One of the strongest, most muscular women wrestling today is the world famous Lauren Powers. Standing 5'10” and weighing in a rock hard 180 lbs., Lauren loves showing off her 16” biceps, 24” thighs and massive 45DD tits. Lauren also has one of the most impressive set of 6-pack abs going; she is truly a physical marvel. But, Lauren also has a dark side � she loves to inflict pain.

MMW-02 - 1 (Lauren Powers Part 1)

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Decked out in 8” spiked heels, leather studded bra and G-string, leather cap and leather studded bracelets on each arm, Lauren is a domination site ot behold. Lauren takes on a male wimp, first softening him up with her leather-riding crop. Lauren then strips down nude and takes to wrestling. There is no hold that this sexy, muscular strong woman does not know, and she uses them all in giving her male opponent a thorough working over. Lauren crushes the whimpering male with devastating leg and head scissors using the strength in her massive legs.

MMW-02 - 2 (Lauren Powers Part 2)

Free Download: 2-1 Lauren Powers Part 2

Arm bars, headlocks and grapevines weaken the beaten man. Once in her power Lauren proceeds to face site the guy for what seems to be an eternity. Lauren smothers her beaten foe with extended front and back face sitting all the time showing off her massive arms and back muscles.

MMW-02 - 2 (Lauren Powers Part 2)

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