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1) Tessla vs Matt
2) Tessla vs Matt

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Tessla just discovered a video tape hidden in the back of her boyfriend Matt's closet. She angrily puts it in the VCR expecting to find porn, She is dressed to kill in a VERY short white miniskirt, black tube top, black thong, and high heels. Instead of porn she discovers it is of a wrestling match in which a sexy looking woman defeats a man. She decides to investigate further and calls Matt into the room. He is clearly embarassed that his secret has been exposed. Tessla becomes interested in the action taking place on the video and she begins applying some of the holds she is seeing in the video on him. Matt realizes that he would prefer to simply watch these videos rather than participate as Tessla's incredibly toned and muscular legs begin to teach him a lesson squeezing him in one scissor hold after the other.

KO-01-1 (Tessla vs Matt)

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She discovers that she enjoys controlling his body with these holds and she is a quick learner. The video also contains several smothering / face sitting holds and it appears that she enjoys these most of all- telling him ''I like it when you groan''... as she grinds down on his face.By the time Tessla's through with him, Matt is a bent and broken physical wreck and is ready to throw out the video that caused him so much pain. However, Tessla now approves of the video and refuses to allow him to toss it. It seems she has plans for some future re-matches...

KO-01-2 (Tessla vs Matt)

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