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FV96 - Topless Boxing - 60:00 Min.

Topless Boxing
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Topless Boxing

1) Second camera match1,2,3
2) Lucy vs Teresa-May
3) Anita vs Becky
4) Jasmine vs Lisa
5) Anna vs Lisa
6) Sonia vs Paula

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1. Sonia vs Paula (9:33 mins)

Although this boxing takes place on a mat without ropes, there is plenty for fans to enjoy. Paula, Sonia, Lisa , Anna and Jasmina were all new to the noble art but that didn't stop them trading punch for punch.

FV96 - 1 (Sonia vs Paula)

Free Download: 1-1 Sonia vs Paula

8,50€ VOD: 1. Sonia vs Paula

9:33 Min. - 74.54MB*

2. Anna vs Lisa (6:42 mins)

Paula is very young and innocently pretty, but she showed natural athletic ability, while Lisa formed something of a real boxing style in just a few minutes. She gives lovely Anna a very hard time.

FV96 - 2 (Anna vs Lisa)

Free Download: 2-1 Anna vs Lisa

8,50€ VOD: 2. Anna vs Lisa

6:42 Min. - 52.31MB*

3. Jasmine vs Lisa (10:46 mins)

FV96 - 3 (Jasmine vs Lisa)

Free Download: 3-1 Jasmine vs Lisa

8,50€ VOD: 3. Jasmine vs Lisa

10:46 Min. - 83.97MB*

4. Anita vs Becky (9:01 Min.)

The first three matches, each over three rounds, are shown again from a different camera angle. But for flying leather you must add Anita v Becky to your collection. These girls know no inhabitations when it comes to hitting out - you will gasp in amazement!

FV96 - 4 (Anita vs Becky)

Free Download: 4-1 Anita vs Becky

8,50€ VOD: 4. Anita vs Becky

9:01 Min. - 70.25MB*

5. Lucy vs Teresa-May (9:17 mins)

The tape ends with a gentle glamour match in private between two beauties.

FV96 - 5 (Lucy vs Teresa-May)

Free Download: 5-1 Lucy vs Teresa-May

8,50€ VOD: 5. Lucy vs Teresa-May

9:17 Min. - 72.41MB*

6. Second camera match1,2,3 (15:44 mins)

FV96 - 6 (Second camera match1,2,3)

Free Download: 6-1 Second camera match1,2,3

8,50€ VOD: 6. Second camera match1,2,3

15:44 Min. - 122.79MB*

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