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FV137 - Black vs White Tournament - 60:00 Min.

Black vs White Tournament
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Black vs White Tournament

1) Lucy vs Sarah
2) Yvette vs Annette
3) Zena vs Gena
4) Tracy vs Annette

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Athletic Festelle regular Tracy takes on black newcomer Annette who desparately wants to prove herself. It's a fairly short, vicious encounter in which the white girl struggles against her weight disadvantage, but she doesn't give in easily.

FV137 - 1 (Tracy vs Annette)

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Next, an older woman, Yvette, a pretty scary scrapper, and a younger rival, Annette. It's enthusiasm versus experience, but it's a hrad match from the start. Yvette, although older, is still all woman and enjoys wearing the briefest knickers!

FV137 - 2 (Yvette vs Annette)

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13:55 Min. - 108.41MB*

In the third match two fit and well-built, long-legged women, Gena and Zina, engage in ruthless single combat. There's a surprising degree of wrestling skill displayed in this fight, considering that neither of them had wrestled before.

FV137 - 3 (Zena  vs Gena)

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11,00€ VOD: 3. Zena vs Gena

11:42 Min. - 91.33MB*

Finally something a bit more erotic. Lucy is enjoying a quiet rest when her pal Sarah turns up, fresh from a workout at the gym. She challenges Lucy to a wrestling match and they strip down to their skimpy briefs. Gradually the wrestling becomes more erotic and Sarah, a strong young woman, clearly enjoys dominating her helpless opponent and squeezing her breasts.

FV137 - 4 (Lucy vs Sarah)

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