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FV115 - Topless Boxing / Kick Boxing - 72:00 Min.

Topless Boxing / Kick Boxing
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Topless Boxing / Kick Boxing

1) Isabelle vs Micki
2) second camera
3) Amanda vs Sheila
4) Dawn vs Toni

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Micki fairly dives in the attack in the first of these matches, in which she faces French girl Isabelle, who really loses her smile in this rough-house, although there is a bit of comedy when Micki jokingly invites her opponent to punch her jaw. but the will to win is never far away, as you will sense for yourself. Another of those matches where the women in the crowd sound bloodthiristier than the men!

FV115 - 1 (Isabelle vs Micki)

Free Download: 1-1 Isabelle vs Micki

11,00€ VOD: 1. Isabelle vs Micki

15:21 Min. - 114.27MB*

The next fight, between Amanda and Sheila, is the one that the crowd was really looking forward to, and they weren't disappointed. Black beauty Sheila is plainly anxious to prove herself the better woman. Being put on the floor in the first few minutes really makes her cross, and tempers flare when it happens a second time!

FV115 - 2 (Amanda vs Sheila)

Free Download: 2-1 Amanda vs Sheila

these women certainly don't fight for fun, and this is surely one of the roughest and most aggressive matches we've ever filmed.

FV115 - 2 (Amanda vs Sheila)

Free Download: 2-2 Amanda vs Sheila

13,00€ VOD: 2. Amanda vs Sheila

17:45 Min. - 132.19MB*

Toni, who some of you will remember from FV108 'Roman Rivals', is something of a stunt artist, but she soon finds that Dawn can give as good as she gets. Something of a novelty for Festelle, and well worth seeing.

FV115 - 3 (Dawn vs Toni)

Free Download: 3-1 Dawn vs Toni

The last fight on this tape is something different. Toni and Dawn, wearing shin-guards as well as conventional boxing gear, give us a superb display of kick-boxing, in which they are both highly skilled.

FV115 - 3 (Dawn vs Toni)

Free Download: 3-2 Dawn vs Toni

14,00€ VOD: 3. Dawn vs Toni

21:59 Min. - 163.80MB*

The tape concludes with highlights from all the matches taken from a second camera.

FV115 - 4 (second camera)

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15:49 Min. - 117.85MB*

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