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FV108 - Roman Rivals / An Apple a Day - 60:00 Min.

Roman Rivals / An Apple a Day
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Roman Rivals / An Apple a Day

1) Kirsten vs Mandy
2) Dawn vs Toni
3) Jo vs Kelly

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Filmed on location, in a poolside setting reminiscent of a classical Roman villa, two bored aristocrats, played by the statuesque Tina, and her gorgeous counterpart Dawn (last seen in FV105), goad their young female slaves (whose roles are taken by beauties Amanda and Jo) into a fight to the death, simply in order to settle a bet. The two youngsters are desperate to please their arrogant mistresses and throw themselves at each other with murderous savagery.

FV108 - 1 (Jo vs Kelly)

Free Download: 1-1 Jo vs Kelly

FV108 - 1 (Jo vs Kelly)

Free Download: 1-2 Jo vs Kelly

17,00€ VOD: 1. Jo vs Kelly

17:51 Min. - 139.04MB*

Their two employers forget their boredom and become excited at the sight of the brawling girls and start egging their proteges on with shouts of encouragement. It's not long before both contestants find themselves in the pool, completely naked, when the action becomes wet, as well as furious! The fight ends with one of the slaves completely vanquished.

FV108 - 2 (Dawn vs Toni)

Free Download: 2-1 Dawn vs Toni

FV108 - 2 (Dawn vs Toni)

Free Download: 2-2 Dawn vs Toni

17,00€ VOD: 2. Dawn vs Toni

20:52 Min. - 162.54MB*

However, her mistress is a bad loser and starts to complain that the fight hadn't been fair. Tempers between the two 'ladies' soon flare and, predictably, another fight starts between these equally brutal and more powerful women. They are both more than ready to strip off their elegant robes and take each other on in a state of complete nudity. They too find themselves tumbling in the pool and after a lot of splashing and fighting, one of them tries to escape, but is soon dragged back into the water and forced to carry on defending herself. This fight ends in total humiliation for the loser. Aristocratic she may be, but she ends the fight at the feet of her vanquisher, beaten and degraded. These two girls are professional stuntwomen, which is reflected in the quality of their action.

FV108 - 3 (Kirsten vs Mandy)

Free Download: 3-1 Kirsten vs Mandy

FV108 - 3 (Kirsten vs Mandy)

Free Download: 3-2 Kirsten vs Mandy

17,00€ VOD: 3. Kirsten vs Mandy

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