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E25 - Straddling Amazons - 53:00 Min.

Straddling Amazons
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Straddling Amazons

1) Alison A vs Terri
2) Justine vs Rebecca

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Our 'E' series tapes just seem to get more and more erotic as the girls get more and more daring.; there seems to be just about nothing they won't try these days, and E25 continues this welcome trend! Justine thrust her way into the scene in E20, and has remained a hot favourite ever since. Here she takes on the buxom Rebecca in a white-hot all-nude straddle match. Each woman forces the other to the very frontiers of her sexuality, and there are some wonderful close-ups as first one, then the other finds herself forced into intimate contact with her rival's ripe womanhood.

E25 - 1 (Justine vs Rebecca)

Free Download: 1-1 Justine vs Rebecca

E25 - 1 (Justine vs Rebecca)

Free Download: 1-2 Justine vs Rebecca

E25 - 1 (Justine vs Rebecca)

Free Download: 1-3 Justine vs Rebecca

22,00€ VOD: 1. Justine vs Rebecca

30:14 Min. - 235.51MB*

These two are very much into body-piercing, and sometimes one feels that each contestant is instinctively trying to pierce the other's body - with her own... Alison is renowned for her dirty talk, and we get a good sample of it as she goads the shapely Terri into wrestling with her, mainly by being rude about her sexy clothes. Terri rises to the bait, both women strip naked, and the action starts. It's another very rousing, very intimate affair with lithe bodies locked in a series of half-aggressive, half-erotic sequences. Even as they writhe in close combat Alison is of course unable to stay silent for long. So are those moans of pain - or of pleasure???

E25 - 2 (Alison A vs Terri)

Free Download: 2-1 Alison A vs Terri

E25 - 2 (Alison A vs Terri)

Free Download: 2-2 Alison A vs Terri

20,00€ VOD: 2. Alison A vs Terri

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