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APL-401 - Nude Competitive Wrestling - 23:14 Min.

Nude Competitive Wrestling
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Nude Competitive Wrestling

1) Kira vs Vanda

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1. Kira vs Vanda (23:14 mins)

Kira and Vanda are two of the most attractive, skilled and experienced fighters from our Hungarian team. This Competitive match takes place in a ring and features some very intense, fast paced action leading to a total of 14 submissions.

APL-401 (Kira vs Vanda)

Free Download: 1-1 Kira vs Vanda

Kira (competing here as a brunette) and Vanda fight completely naked, proudly displaying their sensual bodies in an exciting bout that is certain to please you. Holds used: Bodyscissors, Cross Bodypins, Grapevine Pins, Headscissors, Schoolgirl Pins, Strangles/Chokes with the arms

APL-401 (Kira vs Vanda)

Free Download: 1-2 Kira vs Vanda

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