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AGP1 - Amazonic Girls Poland - 43:00 Min.

Amazonic Girls Poland
4 / 5

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Amazonic Girls Poland

1) Suzi vs Doris
2) Tina vs Lora
3) Doris vs Semi
4) Tina vs Neli
5) Semi vs Neli
6) Tina vs Doris
7) Neli vs Jola
8) Gabi vs Semi

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The recent opening of frontiers with Eastern Europe has given us access to a rich new source of competitive women wrestlers. Amazonic Girls offer excellent, aggressive fighters filmed with very good picture quality.And these girls have no inhibitions. Most of them seem to enjoy wrestling in the nude, and they fight to win.In this tape, EIGHT girls of varying heights and weights compete for your pleasure in no less than THIRTEEN fights. More than half of the girls prefer wrestling completely naked, and the remainder sport the briefest of bikini bottoms: Two of the fights are entirely nude and nine are of a nude girl against a topless girl.If you enjoy seeing high-quality nude female wrestling but want something just that little bit different, then Amazonic Girls is just what you wait for.

1. Tina vs Doris (06:28 mins)

AGP1 - 1 (Tina vs Doris)

Free Download: 1-1 Tina vs Doris

6,00€ VOD: 1. Tina vs Doris

6:28 Min. - 48.75MB*

2. Semi vs Neli (06:48 mins)

AGP1 - 2 (Semi vs Neli)

Free Download: 2-1 Semi vs Neli

7,00€ VOD: 2. Semi vs Neli

6:48 Min. - 51.05MB*

3. Tina vs Neli (04:55 mins)

AGP1 - 3 (Tina vs Neli)

Free Download: 3-1 Tina vs Neli

5,00€ VOD: 3. Tina vs Neli

4:55 Min. - 37.35MB*

4. Doris vs Semi (05:28 mins)

AGP1 - 4 (Doris vs Semi)

Free Download: 4-1 Doris vs Semi

6,00€ VOD: 4. Doris vs Semi

5:28 Min. - 40.92MB*

5. Tina vs Lora (04:47 mins)

AGP1 - 5 (Tina vs Lora)

Free Download: 5-1 Tina vs Lora

5,00€ VOD: 5. Tina vs Lora

4:47 Min. - 35.69MB*

6. Suzi vs Doris (05:32 mins)

AGP1 - 6 (Suzi vs Doris)

Free Download: 6-1 Suzi vs Doris

6,00€ VOD: 6. Suzi vs Doris

5:32 Min. - 41.59MB*

7. Neli vs Jola (04:53 mins)

AGP1 - 7 (Neli vs Jola)

Free Download: 7-1 Neli vs Jola

5,00€ VOD: 7. Neli vs Jola

4:53 Min. - 36.65MB*

8. Gabi vs Semi (04:44 mins)

AGP1 - 8 (Gabi vs Semi)

Free Download: 8-1 Gabi vs Semi

5,00€ VOD: 8. Gabi vs Semi

4:44 Min. - 35.48MB*

41,03€* AGP1 complete / komplett Download

43:35 Min. - 327.33MB*


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